Date: 2nd August 2001

Set For My Best Friend's Divorce?

JULIA ROBERTS and RUPERT EVERETT's plan to reunite for a sequel to hit film MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING (1997) has been threatened - no-one can come up with a decent storyline.

The makers of the smash comedy wanted to shoot a follow-up in Chicago, but haven't managed to think of any decent ideas for its theme so far.

Producer JERRY ZUCKER admits, "We've tried and tried to come up with a sequel. It's just not obvious although it's not impossible. "

One possible script has been under consideration for a few years - called MY BEST FRIEND'S DIVORCE. Zucker says, "The deal was KIMMY - played by CAMERON DIAZ - and MICHAEL, played by DERMOT MULRONEY, find out it isn't working and split. Now what's Julia's character to do?"

But he dismisses the plot, saying, "It seemed like a contrived way to get those people together again. And this isn't a JAMES BOND movie where you can just drop them into another plot. We cared too much about the original story to ruin it. "

No final decision about the sequel has yet been reached. (CPBP/WN/KW)

Source: WENN



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