Date: 4th August 2001

Clint In Dirty Legal Wrangle Wih His Daughter

Hollywood hard man CLINT EASTWOOD is locked in a bitter legal battle with his daughter ALISON after she set up a company using the family name.

The DIRTY HARRY (1971) legend got bad and ugly when he discovered that his gorgeous blonde actress daughter Alison, 29, wanted to use her famous surname to promote her fashion business.

According to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, a source on the movie set in Brazil, where she is shooting, says Alison was stunned that her father had his attorney contact her, rather than phoning her directly.

"Alison was furious, screaming and shouting about her inconsiderate dad. she threw a huge temper tantrum that lasted for days,"

the source says. One of Clint's lawyers says, "Clint is not averse to his daughter's business pursuits. He is quietly cheering Alison on from the sidelines, but there are certain legal priorities that must be observed when using his name. " (RM/WNTST/MCM)

Source: WENN