Date: 8th August 2001

Vinnie's Reality Kick For Co-Stars

British actor VINNIE JONES has returned to his soccer hardman roots for his latest movie - a remake of the 1974 BURT REYNOLDS classic Longest Yard, The (1974).

And the former WIMBLEDON team player has proved he's as tough as ever, after insisting that all the action in the soccer-based movie should be genuine.

Jones, who was feared by fellow players during his sporting career, plays a former professional footballer, DANNY MEHAN, who winds up in prison and organises a team of inmates to take on the prison guards.

Starring alongside are his co-stars from Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998), and JASON STATHAM - who've already had to endure a series of crunching tackles for the cameras.

Hardman Vinnie, who's acting as adviser on the film, enthuses, "The tackles are pretty damn good. There is no moody (fake) stuff in it, what you see is proper football. " KW/WNWCVT/KMW)

Source: WENN