Date: 9th August 2001

Kate Goes Back To School

KATE WINSLET is going back to school - and she's taking her nine- month-old daughter MYA with her. For the first time since leaving REDROOFS DRAMA SCHOOL in Maidenhead, England, as a determined 16 year old, Kate, now 25, has decided to visit her old school and teachers.

"We have spoken on the phone a number of times," says SAM KESTON, Kate's drama teacher, "We were thrilled when she offered to come back and visit. She's promised to do a workshop with the pupils and says she'll be bringing her baby."

" Kate was a charming pupil" adds her old dance teacher, CAROLYN KESTON. "She was professional and focused at a young age and a talented dancer. "

But Kate's memories of her five years at the educational centre aren't all happy - she was bullied as a thirteen-stone (84- kilogram) teenager and nick-named BLUBBER by her class mates. Despite her excess weight however, the British beauty's launch to fame commenced at the age of 16, when she appeared in a SUGAR PUFF'S cereal commercial.

Kate went on to star in such acclaimed films as HEAVENLY CREATURES (1994), SENSE and SENSIBILITY (1995) and TITANIC (1997). (JH/WN/KW)

Source: WENN