Date: 9th August 2001

Fat Chance For Travolta

Saggy sex symbol JOHN TRAVOLTA has defied his critics by saying he is proud to be a podgy. The PULP FICTION (1994) star has been slammed by Hollywood movie bosses for piling on the pounds in recent years, while SWORDFISH (2001) producers demanded that he lose weight for the blockbuster.

But the actor says he resented having to diet for the role. Travolta says, "They did not want a fat spy. They asked me to lose some weight and I did. At the moment I'm probably the lowest weight I've been since BROKEN ARROW (1996), but I enjoy putting on weight."

"As I get older I think a little bit of weight is kind of good. But if you want to stay in the movies you've got to keep it down. I'm looking to lose another five pounds (2. 5 kilograms) or so for my next film, but I don't want to get any thinner than that. " (CH/WNV/RP)

Source: WENN