Date: 10th August 2001

Antonio No Longer Passionate About Melanie

ANTONIO BANDERAS has devastated wife MELANIE GRIFFITH by revealing he's not passionate about her any more.

The Latin hunk sensationally admitted that although he loves his wife, he's not necessarily in love with her, and the news has made Griffith's insecurities even more severe.

He says, "I'm in love with her, but we're not as passionate a couple as at the beginning of our relationship. Once in a while I may fall in love with my wife again, and the passion comes back. "

Sources told America's THE STAR magazine that's not what an already nervous Griffith needs to hear. The source says, "Melanie has said she'll do whatever it takes to keep the sex steamy for Antonio, she'll be sorry to learn he's cooled off. "

But Banderas, who's been married to Griffith since 1996, says he's happy to have settled down with his wife. He adds, "As much as you learn to live in a roller-coaster relationship, I think you enjoy marriage more. " (SVD/TS/ES)

Source: WENN