Date: 10th August 2001

Meg Ryan Jets Back To Quaid's Arms

MEG RYAN is desperately trying to win back ex-hubby DENNIS QUAID - after being spurned once again by heartbreaker RUSSELL CROWE.

Meg's nine-year marriage fell apart last year (00) when Quaid, 47, filed for divorce, and her steamy affair ended abruptly when Crowe dumped her just before Christmas.

A second round of rejection from the GLADIATOR (2000) heart-throb in June (01) was too much for Meg, 39, and she ran straight back to the comfort of her Emigrant, Montana ranch - and Dennis.

And on 19 July (01), when Quaid and his band THE SHARKS performed at Chico Hot Springs, Ryan, with son JACK, was looking on adoringly, snapping photos for the family album. A pal tells America's STAR MAGAZINE,

"Meg's only now realizing that Dennis is the only man for her. She wants to make a happy home life with Dennis and their son Jack. It's wonderful to see Meg and Dennis together again. Meg looked like there was nothing else in the world that mattered to her but being with her family. "

Another friend adds, "Dennis was hurt real bad by Meg. He hasn't ruled out getting back together with Meg, but he's going to make her prove her love all over again. He doesn't want to get burned anymore. But they've always loved each other and they both love their son more than anything else in the world - if that's not a recipe for reconciliation, I don't know what is. " (NFA/WNWSMG/KMW)

Source: WENN



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