Date: 13th August 2001

Nicole Kidman Was 'Not Sure' Of Baby

NICOLE KIDMAN's miscarriage was the last straw in her marriage to TOM CRUISE - she didn't tell him because she wasn't sure, and he was furious at not being told.

A relative of the Australian MOULIN ROUGE (2001) star explains the eight-weeks pregant actress was not sure about the pregnancy - until after TOP GUN (1986) hunk Cruise filed for divorce.

The relative says, "Because they had tried to have a child in the past, the fact that she suddenly became pregnant was terribly traumatising. Can you imagine how gut-wrenching this was for her?"

But Tom's friends insist it was the fact that Nicole had not talked to him that convinced him their marriage was over. A pal says, "It proved to him, I think, that maybe he didn't have the relationship he thought he had with Nic if she could keep this news from him. "

Friends say Tom was unhappy but couldn't pinpoint exactly why. A pal who shares the star's Scientology religion says, "It was just the same old fights: he wanted to raise the kids as Scientologists, she wanted them to be raised Roman Catholic. He wanted more time in the US, she wanted more time in Australia. Nothing that couldn't have been settled. " (BRC/WNTMA/NFA

Source: WENN



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