Date: 13th August 2001

Tara Reid's All Mouth

Actress TARA REID was heading for further trouble with New York police after she slammed them on air - until her lawyer stepped in. The AMERICAN PIE (1999) star is due to be questioned regarding disgraced PR LIZZIE GRUBMAN, who backed her car into 16 people early last month (JUL01).

While speaking to shock jock and PRIVATE PARTS (1997) star Stern, the bubbly blonde referred to Suffolk County cops as "white trash" and said she wouldn't tell them anything about the incident, in which she was seen partying with Grubman hours before. However yesterday (12AUG01) Reid's lawyer JUDD BURSTEIN says,

"She's not ducking authorities. There is no question that Tara is going to cooperate with police - the only issue is the mode of her cooperation. What she said was an expression of her desire - not necessarily what her final decision is going to be. She spoke prematurely. " (ES/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN