Date: 15th August 2001

Shannon Elizabeth: I don't Need Sex

Sexy Hollywood star SHANNON ELIZABETH is free of the need for sex - in fact she can go without it for months. The gorgeous AMERICAN PIE (1999) star is returning to the big screen this month (AUG01) for the sequel of hit teen comedy AMERICAN PIE (1999).

And she says she can happily cope without bedroom antics if she hasn't got a partner. Elizabeth explains, "It doesn't bother me if I go without sex for a few weeks or a few months if I don't have anyone close to me in my life. "

But the sexy actress thinks that women are better than men at coping without sex. She says, "Men just need to have sex as often as possible, and from my own experience the more they get, the more they want it. But women aren't like that. We like cuddling and hugging just as much, feeling cosy with a man. " (IG/WNTSP/NFA)

Source: WENN