Date: 16th August 2001

Gooding Preferred Working With Goldberg Than For Her

CUBA GOODING JR. enjoyed working with WHOOPI GOLDBERG in RAT RACE (2001) - because it beats working for her.

The JERRY MAGUIRE (1996) star admits Goldberg was one of his customers when he was a waiter in a Los Angeles. He says, "I was an assistant waiter but my job was to actually make guacamole. I remember running over and I said 'Whoopi' and I spilt some on her table. "

But Goldberg doesn't remember Gooding's humble roots, and he recalls reminding her on the first day of shooting. He says, "I said to her 'I served you at your table' and she smiled and said 'That's nice baby'". (MB/WNV/NFA)

Source: WENN