Date: 19th August 2001

Cleese Quitting 'Humourless' Britain

Funnyman JOHN CLEESE has announced he's quitting Britain for good - because people have lost their sense of humour. The Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) star has plans to make Santa Barbara, California his permanent home with third wife ALYCE FAYE EICHELBERGER.

Cleese, 61, says, "At my age, I want to wake up and see sunshine pouring in the windows every day. That certainly precludes living in England any more. "

He blasted Britons for losing their sense of humour, "England is less tolerant of silliness than it used to be. I'm tall, I write satire and I've been well-known in England for 26 years. Put those things together with an overactive, unimaginative media and I couldn't do anything over here. " (RM/WNSMA/ES)

Source: WENN