Date: 19th August 2001

Secrets Of The Planet Ape Academy

PLANET OF THE APES (2001) stars HELENA BONHAM CARTER and TIM ROTH had to attend "ape academy" to prepare for their roles in the TIM BURTON blockbuster. Former gymnast TERRY NOTARY, 33, was the man charged with making monkeys of the stars, and spent three hours a day for six weeks drilling the actors on how to be the perfect ape. .

He says it took a while for Helena and Tim to settle into their new identities, "It was hard for her, coming from those prim, corset-type films. But when she decided to let go she loved being an ape. In fact she's still acting lie one because it's such a comfortable relaxed way to be. "

Tim Roth, who plays warrior ape GENERAL THADE, also struggled at first. "But one day he came in and he just had it," says Terry. "His head was floating on this menacing body, and he looked like a cobra about to strike. He was pure evil. " (RM/WNSMI/ES)

Source: WENN



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