Date: 21st August 2001

Journalist Rattles Prinze Jr's Cage

Internet journalist HARRY KNOWLES felt the wrath of FREDDIE PRINZE JR.'s anger after he called the actor's movies profit flops. The hunky fiance of SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR responded to NEWS. COM writer Knowles' bad press about the upcoming SCOOBY DOO (2002) movie, and accused the web hack of only writing it because he was refused entry to the press junket.

Prinze boasted, "I've had movies that got great reviews, and nobody went. I've had movies that got horrible reviews and everybody went. "

However much to the distress of Prinze, Knowles listed the actor's box office hits and flops, claiming SHE'S ALL THAT (1999) was the only one of Prinze's movie to make a profit, while WING COMMANDER (1999), DOWN TO YOU (2000) , BOYS AND GIRLS (2000) and HEAD OVER HEELS (2001) failed to either turn a profit or win good reviews. (ES/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN