Date: 22nd August 2001

Prinze Jealous Of Maguire

FREDDie PRINZE JR. is still mad that TOBEY MAGUIRE swiped the lead role in SPIDER-MAN (2002). The SHE'S ALL THAT (1999) actor even paid out $101,000 (72,692) for the very first copy of a SUPERMAN book, proving he was a real fan of the comic superheroes.

"I worked and worked and worked so hard to get that film," Prinze tells COSMO GIRL. "I met with the director SAM RAIMI, and everybody was saying life was good. Then suddenly he made an offer to Maguire, who he wanted all along. I realized that he was never even interested in me. " (KMW/WNWDN)

Source: WENN



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