Date: 20th September 2000

Movie Classics Return To Big Screen

Movie legends such as MARILYN MONROE and AUDREY HEPBURN are set for a return to cinema screens thanks to a new project reviving vintage cinema.

Film buffs will once again be able to see such screen classics as the 1959 comedy SOME LIKE IT HOT, and MICHAEL CAINE's 1966 romp through London, ALFIE. The project, which is being launched by the BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE (BFI), aims at bringing popular classics to new audiences.

JON TECKMAN, BFI director, says, "Film deteriorates naturally over time, especially if heavily used. There are no useable copies of any of these films in our collections, so we cannot offer them to cinemagoers anywhere."

Furthermore, we have found that these titles are regularly requested by audiences at the BFI NATIONAL FILM THEATRE, as well as by screen bookers and festival programmers around the world. "The BFI is eager to extend the cinema experience for as many people as possible."


Source: WENN



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