Date: 25th August 2001

Jay And Silent Bob's Immature Humour

American film-maker KEVIN SMITH has pointed out one factor that should make audiences flock to his new movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - it's full of immature, smutty humour.

Smith, who faced protests and death threats in the past when his last movie DOGMA (1999) was cited as portraying the Catholic church in a negative light, has now offended many members of the gay community with his new movie, but insists the film's aim is only to make people laugh.

He says, "This movie is a quantum leap backward. We've not matured; we've just gotten so much worse. I think it looks better than the other movie; technically or visually speaking, we've kind of taken a jump. But I didn't really have an aim for this movie. The only agenda was just to make a flat-out comedy."

"After what we went through on Dogma, it was just kind of nice to make joke after joke and not worry about whatever controversy, death threats and hate mail would come later." (RGS/LA/IG)

Source: WENN