Date: 29th August 2001

Uma Thurman Worried About Marriage

A pregnant UMA THURMAN married actor ETHAN HAWKE despite her aversion to shotgun weddings. The BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (1996) actress admits she fell in love with Hawke on the set of GATTACA (1997), but at first refused to marry him.

She says, "I remeber saying to myself, Why can't you just have fun with this young guy? He's sexy; just enjoy that. And then, sneaky devil, he totally made me fall in love with him. Because he wasn't overly nice to me right away. "

And after they got engaged Uma fell pregnant. She says, "There I was, seven months' pregnant, and I realised I would have to go to the hospital and give birth to my baby, and I thought about who would be my next of kin. I realised that I wanted Ethan to be. So I demanded to marry him. "(KMW/H/IG)

Source: WENN