Date: 30th August 2001

Farrell Desperate To Give Autographs

Irish movie star COLIN FARRELL hates to snub autograph hunters - because he remembers how he felt when his soccer hero PAT JENNINGS refused to sign for him. The star of hit movies such as TIGERLAND (2000), MINORITY REPORT (2002) and AMERICAN OUTLAWS (2001), admits he's only recently begun to be asked for his autograph - but he'd never upset anyone by not signing.

He says, "I remember the first time I got refused an autograph and I'll never forget that. I asked Pat Jennings for his when I was 12 and he said 'No. ' It wasn't as though there were a 1,000 people around. I felt terrible. I still find it hard to accept that people find my autograph important. I still have no idea if my signature is any good. " (KL&RXM/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN