Date: 1st September 2001

J-LO Is In Danger Of Working Herself Into The Ground

JENNIFER LOPEZ worked herself into the ground after filming ANGEL EYES (2001) and ENOUGH (2001), and was forced to take a rest.

The busy actress felt guilty about having to pull out of a press
junket in Los Angeles for Angel Eyes (2001), but she was making herself sick with exhaustion.

CELL, THE (2000) actress J-LO says, "I felt really bad because I know how much work goes into organising those things. But sometimes you have to put yourself first. I had to take four days off and get myself a proper sleep regime. We did so much publicity and touring for WEDDING PLANNER, THE (2001) and J.LO and then by the time I was in the middle of Angel Eyes (2001) my body wanted to give up, I was emotionally exhausted."

The 31-year-old beauty is not one to take time off lightly - she
adds, "I'm not the type of person to pull out of something because I have a bellyache. I'll take the ALKA SELTZER and move on, especially when there are that many people involved. I think because I've always been such a workaholic people see me as a machine, but I'm the one who has to keep myself in check."

Source: WENN