Date: 1st September 2001

Farrell Defends His Role As Jesse James

Rising Irish actor COLIN FARRELL believes many Americans were none too thrilled when he landed the role of legendary outlaw JESSE JAMES in AMERICAN OUTLAWS (2001).

But the TIGERLAND (2000) star has defended his role in the new movie. He says, "I didn't think they'd let a Dublin boy play Jesse James. There could be American actors out there saying 'Why don't they hire from our own back garden? Why do you have to go to Ireland?' "But Irish actors say the same thing about TOM CRUISE in FAR AND AWAY (1992) and BRAD PITT in DEVIL'S OWN, THE (1997). Even though I grew up in Ireland I still knew about the likes of Jesse James and BILLY THE KID.

"I used to play cowboys and indians when I was kid. To be cast as Jesse is like a little boy's dream come true. It's not that deep, it's not meant to change anyone's life. I just wanted to enjoy myself in it. "

Source: WENN



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