Date: 20th September 2000

Schumacher Admits He Was "Lost" After Batman & Robin

Director Joel Schumacher has indicated in a New York Daily News interview that he wanted to make the upcoming low- budget Tigerland, in part because of the pasting he took following the release of his 1997 movie Batman and Robin.

"After Batman and Robin, I felt I ... was getting lost; the box office had become more important than the movies, and I needed to pull back. When Tigerland came along, it seemed the perfect movie to get far away from the Hollywood way of making films."

Schumacher also said in the interview that the film, which could reignite controversy over American involvement in the Vietnam War, was greenlighted because "we made the movie for very little money less than $10 million, and a lot of times when you keep the costs very low, it offers people less of a risk."

Source: Studio Briefing