Date: 21st September 2000

Shirley Maclaine Is Sued For Film Money

Actress SHIRLEY MACLAINE is being sued by her bank for failing to repay money she used to make a movie.

The SOUTHERN PACIFIC BANK's breach of contract suit was launched on Monday (18SEPT00) after the TERMS OF ENDEARMENT star did not return nearly $29,000 (19,000) from a 1997 loan for $400,000 (266,666) - used on pre- production expenses for the film BRUNO, which she directed and starred in.

The independent film, shot on a $10 million (6. 66 million) budget and also starring GARY SINISE and MISERY's KATHY BATES, was released in April (00) at the LOS ANGELES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL. A message regarding the case was left with MacLaine's agent, but not returned. (NFA/WNWDOP/CPT)

Source: WENN



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