Date: 8th September 2001

Michael J Fox Told To Take It Easy

Ailing actor MICHAEL J FOX's wife TRACY POLLAN is begging her husband to slow down - because she fears he's working himself to death. Despite being hampered with the advancing stages of Parkinson's Disease, the BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) star is refusing to take time out.

He is throwing himself back into work - much to the concern of his wife, who is expecting their fourth child in December (01). Fox provided the voice for STUART LITTLE (2000) and is working on the sequel, he also added his voice to DISNEY movie Atlantis (2001) and now he's set to reprise his role in TV sitcom SPIN CITY - the role he was forced to quit as his Parkinson's Disease illness took hold. And, as if all his TV and movie work wasn't enough, Fox has also taken on a full schedule of charity work.

A friend of the couple says, "Tracy is begging Michael to slow down, but he's determined to keep acting and to find a cure for his disease. He's continually meeting with top experts and checking out every new therapy and he has been having regular meetings with MUHAMMAD ALI so that they can keep up the public pressure to find a cure. Michael literally drives himself to the point of collapse. " (KL/NE/IG)

Source: WENN