Date: 14th September 2001

Hopkins Stalked By Mad Woman

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, the (1991) star SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is being stalked by a woman called YVONNE who weighs 20 stone (280pounds/127kilograms). The huge woman turned up at Hopkins's front door in Los Angeles and demanded a kiss and an autograph.

Hopkins refused to oblige and the stalker refused to leave until he did. Hopkins called the police but by the time they arrived Yvonne had waddled off. Hopkins revealed that the woman had been stalking him for several weeks and he wanted her arrested.

A neighbour of the actor said, "There aren't many people who stand outside his house because he's not the most glamorous of stars, but there is a hardcore including this weirdo. " (PDD/WNTST/ES)

Source: WENN