Date: 14th September 2001

Kate Hudson Pulls Out Of Brit Flick

OSCAR nominee KATE HUDSON has enraged British film producers after quitting a movie production weeks before shooting was due to start.

The ALMOST FAMOUS (2000) actress had pursued Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994) director MIKE NEWELL, telling him that she was perfect for the part in GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING, adapted from TRACY CHEVALIER's best selling novel.

GOLDIE HAWN's daughter was "deliriously happy" when Newell cast her as GRIET, a dutch girl, who captures the attention of artist JOHANNES VERMEER - who is to be played by RALPH FIENNES. Kate's spokesman BRAD CAFARELLI says, "Kate's not participating anymore because of creative differences. I have no knowledge of the reasons behind her decision. "

Reported reasons for Kate's decision has pointed to "personal demons" being battled by her husband BLACK CROWES rocker CHRIS ROBINSON. The film's producer ANDY PATTERSON remains baffled by their leading lady vacancy, saying, "Kate was thrilled to have the role and we thrilled to have her. She pursued us for this role. " Casting agents are believed to be considering British actress SAMANTHA MORTON or SAVE THE LAST DANCE (2001) star JULIA STILES to replace Kate. (ES/WNTMA/PDD)

Source: WENN



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