Date: 18th September 2001

Ashley Judd Heads To Scotland

HOLLYWOOD beauty ASHLEY JUDD is set for a new life in Scotland with her racing car driver boyfriend DARIO FRANCHITTI. Friends say the celebrity couple are busy house-hunting but have turned down a 200 acre coastal home in the east because the wind was too cold.

Scot Dario hopes to make the move from American Indie Car to Europe-based Formula One with the move to his homeland, while the KISS THE GIRLS (1997) star wants her children to go to school there. The driver's best friend JIMMY VASSER says,

"They've been looking for a suitable home in Scotland. Ashley loves it there and Dario is desperate to be a Formula One driver. It's the natural place for them to settle down. The home they were going to buy was on the coast and Ashley said the wind from the sea was too much for her, so they are now looking elsewhere. "

Judd wants to give her children a grounding in both their American and Scottish heritage and the pair will stage wedding ceremonies on both sides of the Atlantic. (BRC/WNTRE/IG)

Source: WENN



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