Date: 1st October 2001

Liz's Connery Blunder

She may appear cool and sophisticated on big screen and catwalk - but even eLIZabeth HURLEY gets starstruck by celebrities. The sexy model-turned-actress is one of Hollywood's hottest properties after starring roles in Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (1997) and BEDAZZLED (2000).

But she admits to appearing far from the cool movie star when she met former 007 SEAN CONNERY at a Hollywood bash. She says, "I met Sean Connery at a party - I was like the village idiot, it was humiliating. All I could say was 'Gosh, you're very tall. I didn't know you had a scottish accent in real life' He was so disgusted, he left!" (IG/WNS/)

Source: WENN