Date: 22nd November 2001

Jamie Bell's Big Head

Child star JAMIE BELL has become a prima donna since hitting the big time in British movie BILLY ELLIOT (2000). Schoolfriends of the 15-year-old star say he's had his head in the clouds ever since becoming successful.

One boy at NORTHFIELD COMPREHENSIVE on Teeside, England, says, "Most people were pleased for him. But Jamie has turned into a real prima donna. He has become arrogant and cocky. It must be hard for Jamie to keep his feet on the ground, but the truth is he has developed a big head which he never had before. "

A girl in the same year as the young star says, "Back at school he has to remember he is just one of us. He spends a lot of time away from Billingham and I think it is obvious he would rather be away from here altogether. "

Bell is currently filming a horror movie, set in World War I on location in Prague, The Czech Republic. (BRC/WNTMA)

Source: WENN