Date: 9th December 2001

Liz Attacked By Bing's Pal

ELIZabeth HURLEY has been accused by ex-lover STEphEn BING's girlfriend of trying to trap the millionare by falling pregnant. Hollywood actress BRENDA SWANSON, 39, has lashed out at the former Estee Lauder model, 36, accusing her of deliberately trying to ensnare the playboy.

Brenda says, "It seems extraordinary that she was with HUGH GRANT for 13 years and never had a baby, but how convenient that it happens now with the $400 million (308 million) man." And she adds, "Some people think what she's done is really trashy. They were both seeing other people and he told me he thought she was on the pill."

Brenda, who has known Bing for 15 years, had sex with her pal after he told her Hurley was pregnant. And Brenda says of four months pregnant Liz, Elizabeth has a reputation for being adventurous in the bedroom. But there are girls you have fun with and then there are girls you marry." (KMW/WNSMI/NFA)

Source: WENN



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