Date: 10th January 2002

Elijah Wood Reconciles With Father

Young star of Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), Elijah Wood, has made attempts to rebuild the broken relationship with his father, by contacting him again after a six year period. The separation occurred following the divorce of his parents - all contact was lost with his dad.

In The Mirror, he said;
"Elijah called me from his home in Los Angeles and we had our first heart-to-heart talk in years. We spoke about the family and Elijah's film and I told him how proud I was of what he had achieved.It was great just to hear his voice again after all that time. It would be so wonderful to spend time with my boy again. But we still have a lot to work on regarding our relationship.

I love Elijah dearly, as I do all my children, and I'm absolutely thrilled at his success. But our lack of contact has been heartbreaking for me. I have missed him so much. Now, at least, I feel we have a new beginning, and it's more than I could have hoped for at this point. I feel like a door has been opened. I hope we can move forward and become close again"