Date: 23rd January 2002

Minnie Driver: English Actresses Are Ugly

Hollywood actress MINNIE DRIVER has launched an astonishing assault on the looks of other British female stars. The beauty, currently dating HARRISON FORD, lashed out at British actresses in general for lacking the same glitzy looks as their Hollywood counterpoints. But it was Oscar-winner Dame JUDI DENCH, one of Britain's favourite actresses, who felt the full force of Driver's remarks.

She says, "In England we have some of the plainest actresses in the entire world as our greatest stars. You can have Judi Dench, a small, round, middle-aged, lovely, mothering-type playing Cleopatra. Here in Hollywood she would melt into the crowd. "

But a spokesperson for Driver, 31, insisted the comments were not meant to be disparaging and instead were intended to show that actresses can - and should - be judged on their talent, not their looks.

Source: WENN