Date: 24th January 2002

A Beautiful Mind Cover-Up Controversy

Biographer Sylvia Nasar (corr) has defended screenwriter AKIVA GOLDSMAN's (corr) decision to omit certain details about mathematician John Forbes Nash from his film Beautiful Mind, A (2001).

Fans of Golden Globe-winning writer's biography about the former schizophrenic have criticised both Goldsman and the movie's director RON HOWARD for ignoring certain aspects of Nash's life - including his gay tendencies and the facts that he fathered an illegitimate child and that he and his wife Alicia divorced shortly after his schizophrenia was diagnosed.

In the film, JENNIFER CONNELLY, who plays Alicia, stands by her troubled husband's side throughout his mental problems. And Nash, played by RUSSELL CROWE, is portrayed as an upstanding -and resolutely heterosexual - maths boffin. But Nasser insists, "It would have been bizarre if the Nash character in the film had been gay because it would have been a terrific departure from the actual fact. "

Connelly adds, "Some of the things that I've heard people criticise for not being in the film are contested anyway, and there's no evidence that some of those things are really true. Most importantly, the Nashes are happy with it" Nash and Alicia lived together as a divorced couple and remarried last June (2001).

Source: WENN



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