Date: 30th January 2002

Madonna Proves To Be An Easygoing Colleague

Superstar MADONNA's movie co-stars are singing her praises - after realising working with her was nowhere near as tough as they feared. JEANNE TRIPPLEHORN, who features alongside the 43-year-old Material Girl in Love, Sex, Drugs & Money (2002), says Madonna proved to be a pleasure to work with on the set of the movie, which is directed by the superstar's British husband GUY RITCHIE.

And their working relationship proved to be so positive, they have now struck up a personal friendship. BASIC INSTINCT (1992) star Jeanne says, "She's a real girl's girl. I don't know if people know that. Madonna and I flew to the location in Malta together and talked nine hours straight. The rhythm of a friendship happened immediately. Having watched her for the last 20 years, well, she didn't disappoint. She was just as strong, smart and enigmatic as I'd thought. "

Source: WENN



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