Date: 31st January 2002

Bruce Willis' Air Rage Attack

Actor BRUCE WILLIS' was mistaken for an attention seeker - when he kept asking for his favourite snack peanuts on a recent plane flight. The Pulp Fiction (1994) star was put in his place by an angry stewardess - who thought Willis was just another star asking for special attention after his repeated requests for the tasty nuts.

He says, "I said, 'Ma'am, can I get another bag of those honey roasted peanuts?' and she grabbed me by my shirt and she said, 'Hey, now you sit down right now, I've had it with you actors. ' She said, 'You sit in your chair, you put your seatbelt on and you stay there for an hour and we'll just see, Mr Moonlighting, if you can get another bag of honey roasted peanuts!'"

Source: WENN