Date: 4th February 2002

Julia Roberts Pays Off Lover's Wife

JULIA ROBERTS is so in love with married beau DANNY MODER she's offered his estranged wife $100,000 (71,428) to set him free. According to American tabloid the Star, the millionaire movie star wants to push the divorce through so she and her cameraman lover can finally tie the knot. And she's desperate to make sure straying Moder doesn't tumble back into bed with wife Vera.

A source explains, "Julia's convinced that Vera's trying to ruin their romance by dragging her heels on their divorce. She just wants Danny to be free to marry her. " One reason sources say Roberts is so anxious to get Vera out of their lives is because she has learned that Moder, 32, and his wife ended up back in bed at their Woodland Hills, California, home - after he and Julia became an item.

The source continues, "Julia went ballistic when she heard that Danny and Vera made love after they came home from his mother's funeral on 28 August (2001). Danny was depressed after his mom's sudden death and he was feeling bad. And Vera was there to comfort him. One thing led to another and before you know it, they were back in bed together. " Vera is reportedly refusing to accept the actress's offer, telling friends, "First she steals my husband. Then she puts a price on it! Who does she think she is?"

Source: WENN