Date: 3rd February 2002

Scared Madonna Steps Up Security

MADONNA is terrified of being shot and has bought a bulletproof BMW to ensure the safety of herself and her family. The star, married to British film maker GUY RITCHIE, has been plagued by stalkers in the past and her high profile in her new adopted English home has led her to become increasingly security conscious.

A pal says, "She uses the bulletproof BMW whenever she is going to be conspicuous and that's a lot more now than it ever used to be - her life with Guy is very public. She has had a number of frights with stalkers and, sensibly, isn't prepared to take any risks at all. "

A crazed stalker was shot by guards after breaking into Madonna's Los Angeles mansion six years ago and SNATCH (1999) director Ritchie came to blows with an obsessed fan outside their London home recently.

Source: WENN



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