Date: 5th February 2002

Winslet's Ex-Husband Finds New Love Too

KATE WINSLET's ex-husband JIM THREAPLETON has found a new love already - just like the TITANIC (1997) leading lady. The film-maker spent Saturday (2nd February 2002) night canoodling with Karen Bishko - daughter of the owner of a range of British clothing shops - in trendy London bar OTTOS.

A fellow drinker says, "They looked very intimate and clearly didn't care who saw them. Karen looked proud to have Jim on her arm and seemed to be showing him off. And Jim was more than happy to be talking to Karen. After all, she is a pretty girl. They are obviously very close. " Winslet acrimoniously split from Threapleton last year (2001), and has since been enjoying a relationship with AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999) director SAM MENDES.

Source: WENN



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