Date: 11th February 2002

Superman Arnie's Still In Shape For Terminator 3

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in such good shape he weighs exactly the same as he did when he last donned the Terminator jacket 12 years ago. The movie star has wowed producers of the planned Terminator 3 (2002) movie by revealing age hasn't changed him - he still weighs in at 220lbs. And his heart surgery to replace a defective valve four years ago, and a recent dance with death in a motorbike crash, which left him with broken ribs and a punctured lung, isn't going to stop him taking on action demands.

He says, "I will try to be in as close to the shape I was in for the other movies. I don't want people to say, `Wait a minute, oh, it's 12 years later, so he's not as fit now. I don't want to go through the normal stages you see in medical books: Here's the young kid, here's 30, here's 40, and now begins the slouching, the deteriorating. I want to fight that. I want to be able to ski like I did when I was 20. I don't want to succumb to this mind-set of, `I'm 50 now, so I can't expect the same things. "

Source: WENN