Date: 9th February 2002

Portia Refuses To Confirm Sexuality

Ally McBeal star PORTIA DE ROSSI has laughed off reports she "married" a woman and refuses to state her sexuality. Earlier this month (5th February 2002) British tabloid The Daily Star claimed the beautiful blonde has tied the knot with her alleged lesbian lover and step-daughter of RINGO STARR, Francesca Gregorini at Rossi's 29th birthday bash at the end of January (29th January 2002).

Rossi's spokeswoman Heidi Schaefer says, "There was no ceremony. There was a cake, Portia blew out the candles. Gregorini was there, but there was no marriage. " When asked whether Rossi and Gregorini are partners, Schaefar answered, "They are friends, yes. "

Source: WENN