Date: 25th February 2002

Winslet's Award Weather Hell

Actress KATE WINSLET was left fuming by last night's (24th February 2002) BAFTA award ceremony - because her dress was nearly ruined. The TITANIC (1997) beauty lost out on a Best Supporting Actress gong for IRIS (2001) to BEAUTIFUL Mind, a (2001)’s JENNIFER CONNELLY, but seemed far more upset by the atrocious weather on the evening. The stroppy actress was overheard moaning, "This is a Ben De Lisl dress and it has been destroyed because of this horrible stuff on the carpet. Could someone please help?"

One onlooker at London's Leicester Square Odeon says, "The carpet had been cleaned recently, but because of the rain it got so soggy it was literally foaming. Some of the starts were slipping and even though they had umbrellas held over them they still got soaked. Kate went absolutely ballistic. Her dress was floor length and by the time she got to the entrance there was sticky foam all over the hem and her shoes. She didn't look happy at all. "

Source: WENN



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