Date: 26th February 2002

Crowe Roughs Up TV Boss Russell

Crowe was so furious when part of his BAFTA acceptance speech was cut from the TV broadcast, he physically threatened the man responsible.

The Insider, The (1999) star won Best Actor for his role Beautiful Mind, A (2001), and spent part of his speech reciting thre Patrick Kavanagh poem Sanctity - but when his speech went too long, the show's director Malcolm Gerry, 51, was forced to cut a few lines.

Malcolm was talking to his pal Sting at Sunday's (24th February 2002) star- studded ceremony, when the musician warned, "Careful, Russell wants blood. " Moments later, Gerry was escorted into a side room by two of Crowe's security men - and the actor was waiting.

Crowe, 37, pushed him up against the wall, jabbing a finger in his face, and roared, "I don't give a f*** who you are. Who on earth had the f***ing audacity to take out the Best Actor's poem? You f***ing piece of shit, I'll make sure you never work in Hollywood. "

The actor then kicked over three chairs before storming out of the room. A BAFTA source reveasl, "It was an over-reaction and Malcolm thought he was going to get belted. He can't believe Russell took it so badly. It was all very sinister the way he was led into a small room and Russell was there waiting for him. Malcolm said it felt like something out of Gladiator (2000). "

Source: WENN