Date: 6th March 2002

Russell Crowe' Poem: The Saga Contnues

The controversy over RUSSELL CROWE's BAFTA poem just won't die - BBC bosses have banned rival station Sky's attempts to screen the speech in full. GLADIATOR (2000) star Crowe was left raging after the BBC cut the poem from the end of his Best Actor acceptance speech at the BAFTAs in London last week (24th February 2002).

Crowe, who had won for BEAUTIFUL MIND, a (2001), even pinned TV executive Malcolm Gerrie against a wall in the aftermath of the cut. Then his hopes for the full speech to be screened on Australian TV this week were dashed when the ABC channel merely used the BBC's already-edited footage. Now Sky TV say the BBC are refusing to supply them with the complete film they need in order to make Crowe and his fans happy.

But the station refuse to give up - and have asked hunky New Zealander Crowe to re-record the poem so they can broadcast it. Sky Movies' Paul Taylor says, "Russell Crowe is one of the best actors of his generation and a massive hit with Sky viewers. The BBC has made a big mistake in trying to cut him down to size. We've been inundated with emails and calls asking us to show what the BBC won't. "

Source: WENN