Date: 24th September 2000

Elle's Steamy Lesbian Role

Supermodel ELLE MacPHERSON is set to shock her legions of male fans by playing a gay lawyer in a new American TV series.

The model, known as THE BODY, has already tasted acting success in movies SIRENS and PRET-A-PORTER and was a hit in sitcom FRIENDS, in which she played JOEY's sexy flatmate JANINE.

But now she's set for her most challenging role to date, opposite STEVEN SPIELBERG's wife KATE CAPSHAW and MIA FARROW in new TV drama IT'S A GIRL THING, which is being tipped as SEX AND THE CITY meets ALLY MCBEAL. One Los Angeles agent says, "It's one of the hottest scripts around - everyone who knew about it was clamouring to be in it. The competition was fierce, but Elle was ultra-impressive in her audition. She got the role on her merits as an actress."

The four-hour mini series also features REBECCA DE MORNAY and TERMINATOR star LINDA HAMILTON, but it's Elle who's set to shine in uninhibited bedroom scenes with co-star Capshaw.

In the series Elle will play lovelorn lawyer LAUREN TARVIS who is confused about her sexuality but convinced she's not gay! A source says, "It's a complete change for Elle." The role is said to be a huge risk for Elle's career but her part comes with the blessing of the two men in her life, her partner ARKI BUSSON and her son FLYNN, who were both present in Vancouver where the series was filmed.

At 36, Elle's polished performance in It's A Girl Thing contrasts with that her of her film debut in Sirens in 1994 where she romped nude with Ally McBeal star PORTIA DE ROSSI and TARA FITZGERALD. The model is working closely with her New York fitness guru JULIE TUPLER in a bid to look her very best for the steamy scenes.


Source: WENN



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