Date: 27th March 2002

Billy Bob Thornton's Sexiness Explained

Oscar-winner Halle Berry understands what makes wacky actor Billy Bob Thornton so sexy - he knows how to make a lady feel important. The beautiful screen star, who triumphantly clinched the coveted Best Actress trophy at Sunday's (24 March 2002) Academy Awards, says her Monster's Ball (2001) co-star's allure lies less in his appearance and more in his treatment of the opposite sex - which may explain his attraction for stunning wife Angelina Jolie.

She notes, "I think there's a certain rugged handsomeness about him - but there's a thing. Warren Beatty has this thing too. It's something that he makes you feel like you are the most beautiful, most intelligent, the most important person in the world when you're in his presence. And it's a thing that every woman wants to feel. And when you're with him, you just sort of get sucked in to that feeling. "

Source: WENN



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