Date: 18th April 2002

Fincher Regrets Alien Gig

Director David Fincher is sorry he got involved in the Alien franchise. The Fight Club (1999) helmsman directed Alien 3 (1992), an experience he hated.

He says, "It was just awful, everything about it was awful. I mean, I loved the Alien pictures, I wanted so badly to do something worthy of the group. And it was just stupid, everything about it was f**ked up."

Fincher blames the flop on the meddling of the powers-that-be, which gave him no control over the vehicle. He says, "You have no control, you have no voice in the process and you're really not in charge. At every single turn you're the fall guy. You go in with the best of intentions but it's difficult, because there are so many other agendas that have to be serviced in the making of assets for multi-national corporations - which is basically what the movie-making business is. "

Source: WENN



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