Date: 19th April 2002

Jodie Looking Forward For The Big 4-0

Actress Jodie Foster can't wait to turn 40 in November (2002).
While many women dread the milestone birthday, the Panic Room, The (2001) star insists it holds no terrors for her - in fact she's looking forward to it.
Jodie says, "I think women are more interesting in their forties."
"They've lived longer, they're more confident about their choices
and they don't have to be hip and cool any more which I think is a godsend - you make really bad choices when you are trying to be hip."

The twice Oscar-winning star also believes it helps that her
career hasn't been shaped around her looks.
She adds, "You hear all this stuff about actresses not having the
same shelf life as actors, especially once they are over 40.
But I didn't make my career as an ingenue or as the beautiful
slinky girlfriend."

Source: WENN