Date: 24th April 2002

Off In 15 Seconds

Soccer hardman-turned-movie star Vinnie Jones is up to his old
tricks - he's been sent off after just 15 seconds of a game in
Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) actor Jones, who played professionally for the likes of Chelsea, Leeds and Wimbledon in England, now turns out for Hollywood United.
And when Vinnie came on as a substitute for his first game of the season, he seemed to have forgotten he was only playing in a friendly.
He immediately scythed down an opposing player and was sent off as his victim lay writhing on the ground.
The Snatch (1999) star left the field laughing, after checking his rival was not badly injured.
One witness says, "It was so funny. Vinnie sprinted onto the
pitch like a greyhound, but was obviously a bit too enthusiastic.
As soon as play restarted, he launched into one of their players.
The ref gave him a red card without hesitation."

Vinnie has been a regular for Hollywood United - alongside other
ex-pat Brits such as Robbie Williams and The Cult's Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy - since moving to Los Angeles two years ago.

Source: WENN