Date: 25th April 2002

Ridley Scott New Project Perfume

Gladiator (2000) director Ridley Scott has revealed his new project - an adaptation of Patrick SšSkind's dark novel, Perfume.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, whose last movie was the war drama Black Hawk Down (2002) last year (2001), has confirmed he will helm the adaptation of the renowned work - but refuses to comment on which actors he has in mind for the lead role.

He says, "Perfume is about the boy Grenouille who is born with an exceptionally developed olfactory organ and therefore kills people to steal their body odour. I have two or three candidates in mind who are suitable for the role of Grenouille. Who they are? I won't tell yet. If names are revealed now, their salary's will boom skyhigh."

Source: WENN