Date: 30th April 2002

Tara Reid Laughs Off Schwimmer Stories

Stunning TARA REID wishes everything that was written about her was true - because she'd be the most popular girl in Hollywood.
Since she split with MTV host Carson Daly, the press has had a field day with Tara's love life, even linking her with Friends star David Schwimmer.
She laughs, "I read the funniest things, like about me and David
Schwimmer. I met him once in Las Vegas and we played blackjack. I don't even have his phone number."

"If I listened to everything everyone said about, I'd lose my
mind. I haven't had one date since my break-up. The media is
obsessed with who I'm going to date next. "

"If I got as much action as they say, wow, I'd be having a lot of

And Tara's in no rush to settle down - she's enjoying her new-
found single status.
She adds, "Being able to go anywhere I wanna go and do anything I wanna do. Being able to have flings. It's like being a whole different person."

Source: WENN



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